The 7 Best Cities for Learning English in the USA (And How Long It Will Take to Learn English)

The United States of America is one of the best places to learn English.  If you’re looking to improve your English language skills, there’s no better place to do it than America. With a wide variety of accents, dialects, and cultural influences, the US is a melting pot of language and a great place to immerse yourself in English. But with so many cities to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go.  Where can you improve English quickly?  Check out these top picks for the 7 best cities for learning English in the USA.

Chicago Skyline

1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago gets our Number 1 spot as the best city to learn English in the USA because of its central location in the Midwest, typical American accent, high percentage of English speakers, and many exciting things to do.  Chicago is a major center for finance, industry, and arts in the Midwest region of the United States.  The “Midwestern accent” spoken by many people in Chicago is considered the standard American accent that is recognized around the world.  Famous Americans from the State of Illinois include U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.  If you study in Chicago, you will learn the most standard form of American English that anyone will be able to understand.  We recommend choosing the Chicago suburbs: You’ll still be able to access all the city events in Chicago, but you will be surrounded by people who only Speak English. This forces you to really learn the language rather than relying on your native language. 

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

In a close second place for best cities to learn English, we have Indianapolis.  This is a medium-sized city in the Midwestern United States, not far from Chicago.  While it does not have all the big city amenities of Chicago, Indianapolis still has plenty to keep you occupied. You can see American football with the popular Indianapolis Colts football team, or watch the Indy 500 racing event if you go during the summer.  Like Chicago, Indianapolis is a Midwestern city that has the standard American Midwest accent recognized around the world. Many people only speak English, so you will really be able to practice learning English in full immersion.

3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Americans across the USA. It is home to the world-famous Disneyworld Resort theme park, as well as numerous other amusement parks like Universal Studios and Sea World.  Orlando has warm weather year-round, so you almost never have to worry about snow or cold winters.  There are multiple language learning classes available, and many excellent teachers. Plus, it’s less than 1 hour away from beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the waves and the sand.  Orlando is also about 1 hour from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. This is the most active space launch complex in the world, where rockets from Space X take off almost every week.   Not only will you learn English, you might even see a rocket launch into outer space.

4. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the center for finance and many large companies in one of America’s largest states, Texas. Many people outside of the USA know about the State of Texas, famous for its cowboys, cattle ranches, country music, and oil fields.  You can see a “rodeo” in Texas, which is a unique American competition where cowboys perform impressive stunts like bull-riding or cattle roping.  There are also impressive cultural sites like the Dallas Museum of Art or the Meadows Museum.  Dallas is right in the center of the USA, and the city’s two major airports can take you anywhere you want to visit in the United States (or around the world) for some of the lowest prices in the country. 

Cowboy at Rodeo near Dallas, Texas

5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is known for its beautiful green scenery in the city and surrounding nature, its many universities and colleges, and as a cultural hub in the USA.  The city boasts mild year-round weather that is not too hot and not too cold.  If you love the outdoors or hiking, there are many day trips around Seattle where you can see the amazing surrounding nature. Examples include Olympic National Park or Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  You can even take a ferry across the Seattle Sound (large body of water) to the surrounding islands.

6. Miami, Florida

Miami is a hugely popular destination for tourists from around the world, and as a result, it has a diverse population and a thriving language-learning community. Miami has beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and incredible music, food, and culture.  The city is home to many language schools and resources, as well as a large international community.  Note: Many people in Miami speak Spanish. If Spanish is your native language, we DO NOT recommend Miami, because you need to force yourself to speak only English, instead of relying on your native language, if you want to rapidly improve your English skills.

Miami Beach

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is another great city for learning English. Known for its world-famous universities, including Harvard and MIT, Boston is home to a large population of international students and English language learners. The city also has a rich literary and cultural history, with numerous bookstores, libraries, and museums offering a wealth of resources for language learners. And with its distinctive accent and local dialect, Boston is a great place to practice your listening and speaking skills.

Why you should avoid big cities when learning a language

In smaller cities, many residents speak only the native language of that country.  For example, many Americans outside of big cities speak only English, and they won’t know how to speak your native language if you are visiting from another country.  While this can sound intimidating, remember that you will have a language class and possibly a host family you are staying with, so you can always ask them if you are unsure about something. 

When studying in a small or medium-size city, you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country you are visiting.  You will be surrounded by people who only speak English, which can help you pick up new words and phrases more quickly.

What is language immersion?

Language immersion learning is a method of language learning in which the learner is surrounded by the language they are trying to learn. This can be achieved through various methods, such as studying abroad in a country where the language is spoken, attending a language immersion school, or even just spending time with native speakers of the language. The goal of language immersion is to create an environment in which the learner is constantly exposed to the language, which can help them learn the language more quickly and effectively. This is because immersion forces the learner to use the language in order to communicate and understand their surroundings, which can help them develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills more naturally.

Can I be fluent in English in 3 months?

You will not be fluent in English after just 3 months of study, but doing an immersion program will significantly help you on your way to becoming an expert English speaker.  A lot of your progress depends on your baseline level of knowledge in the language.  You can realistically go from a beginner to a high Intermediate level (CEFR Level B2) after 3 months of studying abroad.

How many hours to learn English?

It will generally take 700 – 1000 hours of studying to learn English to an intermediate level. This can be accomplished much more easily by learning English in the USA.  When you are doing a language immersion program for study abroad, you will learn much faster than if you were just sitting at home or in a classroom.

How much does it cost to study English in USA?

Many English courses can range from $700 to $1500 per week.  There is a very wide range depending on which city you are located in, what type of lodging you are staying in, the food you eat, and how many day trips or side activities you do.

What is the cheapest place to study English in the USA?

The cheapest cities with English language programs are Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Orlando.  All of these cities have relatively affordable cost of living for the USA. They are also considered some of the best cities to learn English because of their high percentage of English speakers, and the available English language learning programs.

In conclusion, no matter which city you choose, how much it costs, or how long you spend, the most important thing is that you have fun while working hard to accomplish your goals.  With studying English in the USA, you can make huge progress towards becoming fluent in the English language. This is a skill that will continue to reward you throughout your life. Whether you choose Orlando or Indianapolis, Dallas or Chicago, we hope that you have amazing success in your English learning journey, and we wish you all the best.  Share on social media with which city YOU plan to visit in America!

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